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Meet Winne

Community Care Direct, Pets and the elderly.

This is Winnie from Community Care Direct

Recent studies have shown that through the introduction of pets, a patient's well being and overall health can be greatly increased.

To this end let Community Care Direct introduce you to Winnie. (That's her picture to the right)

Since introducing Winnie to some of our patients, the immediate effect becomes apparent. Patients become more relaxed, their blood pressure decreases, smiles appear, their whole persona becomes more fun as that of Winnie.


Some of the benefits of Pets

While the primary benefits to animals are obvious - the benefits to elderly persons are ten-fold (versus non-pet owners).
1) Pets lower blood pressure and pulse rate
2) 21% fewer visits to the doctor
3) Less depression
4) Easier to make friends (enhanced social opportunities)
5) Seniors become more active
6) Pets offer affection and unconditional love
7) Pets ease loss of a loved one
8) Pets fight loneliness
9) Seniors take better care of themselves
10) Sense of security.

If you know somebody who'd appreciate spending some time with Winnie then drop us an email or visit our Contact Us page.

Surveyed Attitudes of the Elderly Regarding the Benefits of Pets:

This is Winnie from Community Care Direct

* Talk to their pet 95%
* Pet helps when they feel sad 82%
* Pet helps when they physically feel bad 71%
* Touching their pet makes them feel better 65%
* Confides in their pet 57%

...Conclusion: Pets are an integral component of the social support network for many individuals and therefore probably contribute to public health and well-being."

For more information regarding Pets and the elderly visit: pets for the elderly

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